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Ultraviolence - Melbourne
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Yoshitaka Amano, Merlin


Really large gif piece I did for two very sweet and patient guys.

This miiight take a while for you to load, apologies to those trying to view it on phones.


Imogen Heap helps invent gloves that will “change the way we make music”

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The Mi.Mu Glove is on Kickstarter, the campaign ends May 3.

It’s really exciting to see what people might do with hacking them. So, the software is gonna be open-source, and so is the hardware.

Considering how much data the gloves are able to process (right down to specific gestural input), and the fact that the gloves are wireless, this could go far beyond music. Mix these gloves with the Oculus Rift, and they might just become the solution for controller-free VR Input.

I really, really hope the campaign is funded.

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This part better be in the movie.

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artist: 林 恒杰 set 1

- When Cracked thinks something is up with your portrayal of women, something is definitely up with your portrayal of women. (via yonderdarling)
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